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Designer, London

Everything Hannah Hetherington turns her hand to – from fashion design to DJing, styling and modelling – is enthused with a unique artistic energy.

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Hannah cites her earliest stylistic influences as the aesthetics of the video games she played religiously with her older brother. “We were obsessed with Zelda, Final Fantasy and cool old computer games like Grim Fandango and Black and White. Loads of the character and costume design from those games have played a part in my creative work.” Growing up and developing on those references she’s now known for a crafty, hand-drawn and often deconstructed style. Those references are holding strong though, “the earliest pieces of clothing I remember customising were for my Bratz Dolls” she notes, “I genuinely take inspiration from them when I think about styling or designing now!”

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Nostalgia aside, Hannah has worked with some of London’s most promising new designers, collaborating on styling and accessories with up-and-coming artists and labels. “The most exciting moment in my career so far has been working with the brand ART SCHOOL on their first catwalk show” she tells me, “It was so heart-warming to see it all come together. In terms of her personal work, “it’s important to me that it isn’t safe, easy or controlled. Ugliness makes your work provocative and new and I think if you make things with love and imagination then uniqueness and creativity follows naturally.”

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Looking forward to next year, it’s no surprise that Hannah’s got a lot in the pipeline. “I’m making more mixes for DJing, more drawings, more paintings and getting ready to release new pieces from my concept clothing and accessory label.” She identifies her goals for 2018 as “collaboration, productivity and continuing to advocate the DIY-fashion-art world.” All the way from Bratz Dolls to real-life runways, Hannah’s set to take London’s fashion scene by storm; “my future is to be as ambitious as possible and to become a SUPERSTAR”. There’s no doubt that’s already the case.

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