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DJ, Producer, Berlin

Discwoman’s rising star wants you to rethink everything you thought you know about club music.

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It’s all too easy to think of Berlin as a city that dances to techno alone, but lide away from Berghain’s admittedly massive shadow and you’ll find a place that dances to the beat of a million kind of drums 24//7. It is, after all, is a city where you’re never more than six feet away from either a banging doner kebab or an incredible club night. Which might explain why all your trendiest mates sacked off that bedsit in Brockley for it a few years back. Someone really making the most of the German city right now is Mobilegirl, the head-mangling, experimental-leaning music producer whose found herself working with two of the most innovative, exciting, and utterly necessary forces in contemporary dance music today: the pan-global Discwoman collective and Stockholm’s Staycore squad.  Like the producers and DJs she’s aligned with, Mobilegirl refuses to play it straight.

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Bao-Tran Tran’s been associated with the Swedish collective since 2014, and last year’s Staycore-released Poise EP is the hyper-polished work of a producer who revels in contrary juxtapositions, creating a unique world that merrily hops between nimble flights of ambient fancy, soundtracks for imaginary shoot-em-ups, and downbeat-and-downtuned dank club workouts. She approaches DJing in a similarly intuitive way too, somehow managing to get Ariana Grande pop-bangers to meld perfectly with extracts from the seminal Nintendo game Zelda: Ocarina of Time. “My mixes and sets are just a selection of tracks that I like, no matter if they were made for the club or for the elevator,” she says when we ask about her philosophy of DJing. “It’s all really based on a feeling of what could blend together well or create a nice arc. So it goes from anything that makes your heart melt to what makes your body twitch.”

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“It goes from anything that makes your heart melt to what makes your body twitch”

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In the right hands that kind of wanton eclecticism can be an unalloyed joy, reminding us as it does that there’s a huge amount of pleasure to be had when we find ourselves exposed to the unexpected. When asked if she’d ever sacrifice individual style for the approval of others the answer is a firm no. “I’ve definitely had moments when the promoter came up to me and asked me to play differently,” she tells us, adding, “but how can you take a promoter or booker seriously if they don’t know what they’re booking?” Anyone looking to infuse their night in the year to come with a sense of what the future of clubbing might sound like if more people were willing to venture beyond the twin towers of house and techno need not look further than Mobilegirl. She’s that rarest of 21st century things: a genuine one off.